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Getting to know
your needs

We will sync with you on exactly the person you need. Don’t worry, we have all our questions ready to determine the ideal candidate that will perform best with your company.


Search and funnel potential candidates

We will utilize our database to search for the candidates that best fit your needs and push them through a personalized funnel to test for all criteria needed including personality, culture fit, skill level, relevant experience, and salary expectations.


You get top candidates
for an interview

Only the top 3-5 candidates will be chosen and sent to you for a 1-on-1 call. We will provide you with all of the information we’ve collected from them through our process so you are well acquainted.


Consultation on success call

Once you decide on your favorite candidate, we get on a call with you to strategize a timeline/roadmap for how your candidate can succeed from day one.


The whole recruitment process will take us 1 month to complete.


Starts at $2,000. Our cost is correlated with your candidate’s 1st month salary. Uncertain about what salary you’d like to offer? Provide an estimate and we’ll consult you on the rest.

price calculator

Find out the pricing of our services by putting in the job positions you need to fill, number of hires needed, time capacity of work and salary being offered.

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